The Witch

This was a little something to pass the time. The Witch   Fog engulfs the forest, The moon hangs limp, And nature falls dead. Around the forest she roams, Looking for her innocent prey. Let them pray this night, For it shall be their last If they see her fly.

Tears of Pain

Even one of the bravest and strongest animals cries at the destruction of this country. Tears of Pain   Soaring above the skies, The brave eagle glides Below the clouds, witnessing The mayhem that is unfolding.   Rivers of red, Towers of fire, Screams of war.   As the eagle flies, It cries in despair, […]

Whistling Ground

Whistling Ground   The hum of the earth Is music to the ears of humanity, Forever pleasant to all of earth’s inhabitants. Disruptions often are common, But the hum always corrects itself, Continuing to be a sweet honey That soothes the souls of all; All of the animals and the flowers. The ground of the […]

America at this Moment

The Truth of the Moment   Youth and innocence flows Throughout lands and hearts, Helping promote peace and love, Trying to turn the tide. Corruption outnumbers all That are innocent, Turning the hearts black- Machines of a conformist society. As the fight of corruption And innocence continues Virgin blood is spilt And rivers of red […]

Protecting My Soul

The whole world is horrifying, damaging everything and everyone. We as humans must do our best to protect our souls from becoming engulfed by the absolute color of black. Protecting My Soul   Black fields intrude upon My peaceful and tranquil soul, Looking to extinguish What makes me who I am. Creeping towards the center […]