The Conjuring 2

Once Upon a Horror Story

 Once again James Wan succeeds in proving that he is a master of horror in terms of film. He worked his magic beautifully, having the movie flow. The entire crew did everything possible to create a marvelous horror movie over a paranormal proven hoax.

 They did succeed in various ways. More than can be described. One of the few downsides of the film was the acting of the actress that portrayed Janet Hodgson. Sadly, in this respect, the girl simply did not have enough skill to portray a possessed person and horrify the audience. Their copycat attempt of redoing “The Exorcist” theme of the possessed young child could not be replicated.

 Despite this being their only downside, reviewing the entire movie together, “The Conjuring 2” is a classic in the making, a film to inspire and guide generations of directors and horror films.

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