Accepting Everyone

Hate seems to have become a driving force in today’s society. It has gotten to the point that even presidential candidates have begun to target minorities and lifestyles and heroes all because they want to outperform everyone else. If our nation is to continue growing, then things need to change.

Damned We Are As A Nation

Damned we all are

For being who we are,

For what we choose

As our lifestyle.

Damned are we

In the eyes of America

For being different

And for being ourselves.

Our identities are stripped

Away from us like clothing,

Leaving us naked for

People to taunt and criticize.

Just for being of the

Wrong skin, the wrong creed,

Wrong sexual orientation, ideology,

Personality, mentality, wrong income,

Wrong social standing, wrong

Job, possess the wrong materials,

The wrong skills and talents,

Possess the wrong body.

Racist and xenophobic politicians

And people try to control our persona,

Paint us the way they desire

For they believe they are right.

Correcting our image does nothing,

Painting ourselves is frowned upon,

Discriminated for being ourselves

And for simply being human,

Breathing and living like

The rest of the world.

If we as a nation are to

Grow, people need to educate

Themselves and grow spines

And become kinder and more caring

And rely on ourselves for knowledge,

Not be spoon fed by imbeciles.

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