Loving Animals

Duke the Deadly Licker

Animals are different. They come in many different genus and species. Along with coming in different shapes and sizes, they come with different demeanors and attitudes. Often times, there is also a heavy misunderstanding of an animal.

Take the pitbull into example. They are regarded as a dangerous breed that has no place within a home and that should be put down. However, that is the common stereotype because of the history of violent pitbull attacks. Those dogs that have attacks are ones that have been abused and beaten by their owners and made to attack and fight for sport. Even though there are laws against this, people still train the pitbull breed, and others, into fighting and becoming highly aggresive.

But that is simply not true. The dog featured above is Duke, a 2 year old pitbull that my aunt found on the road. She took him in and took care of him and took care of Duke as if he were a new member of the family. He is simply a big baby with a big heart, wouldn’t hurt a fly but would protect his family. 

And thats exactly what pitbulls were-and still are-used for. Before their damaging image was created, they were known as nanny dogs because they would protect the children of royalty because of their strength, bravery and loyalty. But as time passed, their image was changed into one where harm would follow. People abused these poor animals into fighting for money. Now, the process must begin to help them become a family breed once again, a breed to care for just like all other animals.

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