Beware the Shadows

In the darkness the creature scurries away, hiding from me in the shadows, creeping in the pustulant night. Every step I take, it takes one too. Following and creeping behind. Tentacles writhing to taste my flesh. I cannot see it. Not even the eyes. Yet, I know it follows. It lies behind every door, lurking […]

Unforgotten Passion

A short story I made. Hopefully, you enjoy this little story. UnforgottenĀ Passion We were young and wild that night. We were free from all the barriers of society and we loved each other the entire night. Do you remember that magical night? That night of love and joy. We got lost in each other’s skin […]


This is a continuation of the small short story One with a different voice. Two I somehow survived the fire, the hell-rain that fell upon the world. The wind howled, spreading the destruction. I managed to hide when the fallout occurred; what I hid in barely held. Had it been a little longer, I would not […]