Dreams of the Beautiful Suicidal Souls pt. 4

Another short story over what someone might resort to, should their life be in shambles.

Dreams of the Beautiful Suicidal Souls pt. 4


In my bed I lie.

Waiting for my death.

I have lost everything. I have lost my wife, my children, my job, all of my money. My beautiful children…I can never see them again. The bank is coming to take away the home tomorrow, and then I will be gone.

There is nowhere to go. I have no family left.

The empty pill bottle mocks me. The bottle of whiskey stares coldly at me.

My stomach hurts. It hurts a lot. But this must happen; there is nothing left that this world can offer. I have lost everything and there is no way to regain it back. I wanted to die happily with my wife, in a nice home. With a front porch with me playing a little fiddle tune.

Today I die. I die here, in this worn out bed. I lost my life to sin, and now I see the painful white light.

For a Long Time

Just a random poem made to pass the time. Hopefully, y’all enjoy!


For a Long Time


For a long time

I waited in bed for you,

Waiting for you to return

Into my arms.


For a long time,

I wished for more,

That we would be more

Than the rabbits in heat

We always were.


For a long time,

You led me to believe

That we would become more,

But as soon as a fresh mate

Appeared, you left forever.

Small Poems #7

Poem #1

The death of me

Was the birth of you.


Poem #2

You helped me breath,

But when you left,

I died of no hope.


Poem #3

I lost my sanity

Long ago,

But when I was freed of you,

My mind was finally clear.


Poem #4

The blackbird sang of love,

Calling and listening for a reply,

But white-birds reject the black

For dark feathers hold no value.

Undone by a Sock

A little short story. Hopefully you enjoy it, my short story writing has been out of practice.

Undone by a Sock


The pounding of my chest makes me realize I am still alive. I used to think that being without you made my heart stop beating, but it kept pounding. I thought I could feel you inside me when my heart beat.

It beats with vengeance now, as it did back then, when you treated me like your adolescent sock. At least that sock will be there with you forever, its cotton warmth encasing your manhood. I am done with you, my days of being your sock are now over.

Fragility of Love

Fragility of Love

Love is a frail concept,

A concept I gave to you

With everything of my heart,

A heart willing to give love

And even sacrifice my life.

You never said those three words,

Never repeated it after me

And I slowly learned why.

My rose bud did nothing 

To excite you,

But rather the iron needle

You found in that bar.

I left you for another

Like you did to me.

Small Poems #6

Poem # 1

 The demon says to be peaceful,

The angel says to kill;

Who do I listen to?
Poem #2

Is there something more

Beyond this existance?

Can the end be it,

Or is there more behind 

The Doors of Death?
Poem #3

The fear I feel

Is ever present;

Anxiety slices every nerve,

But it is a pain I love.
Poem #4

I drank to forget you,

But you barely remembered me.

Small Poems #5

Poem #1

Dark wings of wrath

Sweep down on earth

And breathe absolute havoc.


Poem #2

Orbiting the stars, I feel

Lighter than a million feathers,

But only when I am with you.


Poem #3

Feeling free and flying high

Let us go home tonight.


Poem #4

Black mirror of mine,

Gaze deep within

And witness my sorrow.