Without Identity

The pain I feel keeps me alive

And keeps me from losing sanity,

Yet, I grow numb with you by my side,

Numb with every passing day

As you enter my mouth,

As essential as water for my survival.

Without you I am nothing,

But with you I lose my identity

And the pain subsides, if only

For brief reprieves from sorrow,

And who I was is present in the mirror

Looking back in shame of who

I have become. Dependent on you,

I have lost my identity but I cannot

Leave to rediscover myself

Unless I wish to find myself without life

And simply another statistic for you.


Natural Spirit

The water flows around me, dark and dirty,

Seeping through my body and soul,

Infecting the essence of existence

For those that really on natural life,

Isolating me onto land and seeping

Life away from my, leaving me

Drained from being away from my home,

A home tainted by society

And left dirty and dark.


Behind the frozen steel bars

I lie in wait for you to return

To return from your journey far

From me, my equilibrium and darling

Luminous free spirit;

I hear your call, the siren song

I fell to love and cherish

Close to my heart to keep me warm

In this frozen and unforgiving prison.

I lie in wait for you to return,

To return to my equilibrium

With you by my side.

I hear your call pierce the night,

Reaching my ears ever so softly,

And I sing my song too for you,

But I do not sing soft and sweet,

I scream towards you,

For I may be caged

But that does not stop me from

Singing to you, my equilibrium.

Run Away

I ran away from the demons that haunted me,

Running from the absolute pain,

Whirlwinds of torture and torment

Tearing at my supple flesh,

I run away from the horrors of you,

The demons that you released

Onto my deserted path,

I run away from the pain

Of the demons that haunt me

As long as I am with you.

Lost in Myself

The sun rises

And people move,

Like energized cells

Powered by the sun.


Inside my house,

Hiding in my bed,

Engulfed by darkness,

I sit and cry.


I cry because

I feel empty inside,

Empty and dead,

My soul withering away.


I must carry on,

For life does not

Accept those that sit

And stare, those that


Move like empty

Shells. My hollow body

Must move like the rest,

For if I cry out,

I will be cast out.


Red Gold

Skies fall and towers crumble,
Red soil cracks like skin,
And blood begins to tumble,
And the spear begins to grin
As the blood enters the soil.
Red shades grow deeper and lick
For more. Tribes toil
And people get sick,
Bloodlust ruling and gold the treasure;
Tribes fight, sparing no measure,
Fighting to death, savoring blood
And making redder the mud.

A Simple Cup

Bitter the brew sits,
Awaiting for someone to take a sip.
Before lips approach, the bitter brew
Is changed to fit the tastes
Of an individual, breaking and distorting
It from its original and pure form.
While few can take it bitter,
Many are unwilling to accept
What is presented before them.

Bloody Prize

I feel the hot air breathing down my soft neck,

Getting at my skin to begin the breakdown

Of the safety and sanctity of my body.

Weak and frail, to the point of a zombie,

I lie with blank eyes at the empty ceiling,

As empty as how I am feeling,

Being violated and massacred,

Falling unwitting prey to the organ trafficker.

The cold begins to seep deep to the bone,

And I have never felt more alone,

Looking into those ugly red eyes

Digging for their bloody prize.


See the pain you put me through.

How can you understand?

How can you understand

The pain you put me through

On a daily basis,

Unconcerned with my safety

And more concerned with getting off.

How can I make you understand

That I hurt deep down,

My body aches every moment

That I am with you,

There is nothing sweet about you,

Only the taste of sulfur.

How can I make you understand,

How can you understand

What pain is, when all you do

Is inflict lashes against my bare body.

How can I make you understand

That we no longer exist in the realm

Of affection and tolerance,

That you now must remain away,

Unless you wish to sleep behind,

Metal rods and suffer the same way

That I had to suffer.

Maybe a rod against your will

Will be enough to make you

Understand the pain I felt.


I want to be free

From the shackles that bind

My identity beneath the skin,

Trapped to the soul,

Stuck behind a mask.

I look in the mirror

And do not recognize

Who is looking back at me.

I want to be free

From the shackles that bind

My identity beneath the skin,

Free to live free from the mask

I live lies behind.