First Year of College


This is a little late. July is just around the corner but classes ended in Mid-May. Better late than never.

The first year of college is an experience I will never forget. There were so many ups and downs throughout the year.

Classes are a story all in their own. Some classes would kill you with the work load while others were so easy that I could write or use my phone and still get an A. It all depended on the subject and the professor so this is not a one-size-fits all situation. However, once you get into your 3000 and 4000 level courses, junior and senior, then the classes are more difficult and attention has to be paid.

Involvement is something very important and something to look into while in college. Involvement makes connections and connections are important in your life further down the line. Whether it be in making connections that land an internship or a job, or connections to get into graduate school, or a simple reference, being involved in any sort of organization on campus will give you a boost during your time in college. By making the connections early on during your freshman year, it is even better as the people you connect with will know you more by the end of your undergraduate career.

People you meet either in class or in clubs is also another part of the college experience. Some people you will meet and click with in a heartbeat, becoming amazing friends. Others will rub-off against you like oil does to water; they just can’t mix. Some can hide, and it will take practice to find out who those people are that are pretending to be friends but are just there to be popular and have a large friend group. Among those people could be possible romantic interests, as I have seen many friends enter relationships during their first year of college.

Lastly, there could be much more to write but I want to keep it short and sweet, there is the aspect of being away from family. There are people that live with family and drive to college, but my focus is on being away from family because that is what I know. The one thing I know for sure for my friends that are commuters is that many had family issues because the family wanted to see them more, but it wasn’t as easy as going to school and studying at home like in high school.

Being away from home put a strain on my family and me. It isn’t easy, was never easy and won’t be easy for the next few years. Having a support system is important, whether it be close friends, family, or even clubs. I managed to find that in Greek life but not everyone has to do that. During the academic year, I would become ill more frequently due to stress and not knowing how to cope. Without my family nearby, I would often wonder how I could handle being alone. I could but also couldn’t. Missing family was also a big proponent, having spent very little time away from family.

So many decisions made, but in the end it is worth it. Getting involved and meeting people is important along with taking classes seriously. You’re paying for them so be serious and do the work, do not screw around. But then again, college is an individual basis, each person will have different experiences. Make the most of it.


Student Elections

On Monday, October 17th, student elections began! Well, the campaigning began Monday and elections are on October 31st and November 1st. I have already seen posters up by a few and it is amazing how well people are already doing. It will be hard, but I am up for the challenge.

All these people are beyond qualified for the positions they are running for and it will be a very competitive race. But what would a campaign be without competition. Aside from myself, there are 9 others running for Liberal Arts Senator. There are about the same amount running for various other positions except for UTA Ambassador, they have over 40 people running.

This year will be great. Even if people don’t win what they desire, it must always be known that we tried our hardest and had a good time running. It must always be remembered to be humble and gracious.

Let the campaigning begin.

Life in a New World


I have not posted in a long time and that has been due to me having started my new life in a new city, a city more than 9 hours away from my home in Palmview, Texas. There has been so little time to do anything aside from school or work, that I am simply exhausted by the end of the day and want to sleep. That is why there are so many pictures of college students asleep in weird places, they’re so tired that even a desk table can be a bed.

This new life is interesting. I’ve been alone for a few weeks already and I have learned and dealt with so much, dealt with situations I never though I would ever encounter. I have had to meet amazing and outstanding members of the faculty and excellent student leaders. I have even made amazing friends in such a short period of time. I though that I would be alone and scared and afraid; I will generally be standoffish and prevent people from coming near me. Gladly, that didn’t happen and I allowed myself to interact with others. That is a decision I will never regret, meeting all these amazing people has allowed me to have a sense of pride and joy.

This month of being alone has not been without its bumps in the road. There were a few scares with friends, back home and here at my residence hall. There were instances where I though I might lose someone. There had been times where friends never answered our messages or calls and we didn’t know what had happened to them. On a personal level, I guess I can say that I had anxiety for a good few weeks, either my right hand would constantly be shaking or I would feel antsy. My depression hit with a renowned strength and I felt more alone than ever, even when I was surrounded by my friends. I am so grateful for them, to have them be here, the friend from FLOC, a club I am apart of, or the friends in my residence hall. I am so grateful that they’ve been here to support me with being alone and homesick.

Thankfully I still have family, even though majority live over 400 miles away from me. They are there to have my back and support me with my decision to be here; I couldn’t have asked for more and am beyond grateful to have their support.

It is scary being alone, so far away from family. The only real chance I have to see them is Christmas, and even then it may be a struggle. But now is the time for a new life and so I will take the opportunities I have been given and use them to the fullest of my advantage and advance myself to the best of my abilities.

More writing will be coming soon and I am working on two books! One is a second prose and poetry collection and the other is a coming of age novel in epistolary format. Updates will happen and I will be posting writings soon. Au revoir!