Slowly but steadily, My red life drips down The fragile skin, Dripping to the floor.   Sorry for making a mess, There was no other way.   Hearing the drippings sounds nice, Almost peaceful, Like water in a zen garden: Feels warm and soft.   The red life trickles down, It just feels unclean. My […]

Unforgotten Passion

A short story I made. Hopefully, you enjoy this little story. UnforgottenĀ Passion We were young and wild that night. We were free from all the barriers of society and we loved each other the entire night. Do you remember that magical night? That night of love and joy. We got lost in each other’s skin […]

Ghost Kiss

I lay in bed, Unable to move, With her over my head.   She held me down With her ethereal hands, Floating inches from my face.   Closer and closer, Her hands pushing on my chest, Keeping me in place.   She leans in on me, Her lips reaching mine, Ready to take my life […]