Healer Wanted

It is hard sitting and waiting,

Waiting for the right person.


Person of interest, visit my soul,

A soul full of pain and trauma,


Trauma inflicted by knives,

Knives full of poison and love.


Love, a word and concept I hate,

Hate with more passion than my soul.


My soul needs healing.

Is healing your skill/


Unwanted trauma and poison,

Poison me or heal me.


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Short Poetry #4

Poem #1

Depictions of love and romance

Surround us all, flooding the senses,

Making the empty desire

What is unattainable

To the different and odd,

Those that cannot enjoy

The comfort of normal love

Because of separate desires.


Poem #2

In the desolate shadows,

The lonely sparrow sang,

Awaiting a sweet reply,

But receiving only deadly silence.


Poem #3

Leaves fall and so do hearts;

In the cold of winter

Not even fire can survive.

Short Poetry

Poem #1

Rotten and cruel,

Hot as magma

But as dumb as a mule

And colder than frozen aqua

I am glad to be rid of you.


Poem #2

The taste of your flesh

Feels good on my lips.

As I dig into your skin,

I can feel the blood and

Savor your taste and fragrance.


Poem #3

Love knows no bounds,

Bur with you,

Love stopped before

The first sound.


Poem #4

Swipe left, swipe right,

Keep distracting to ignore humans,

For human contact is unnecessary.

All I need is my phone to fill this

Small void inside me.

Unforgotten Passion

A short story I made. Hopefully, you enjoy this little story.

UnforgottenĀ Passion

We were young and wild that night. We were free from all the barriers of society and we loved each other the entire night.

Do you remember that magical night?

That night of love and joy. We got lost in each other’s skin that night. A night in paradise with my night in shining armor. The passion does not compare to anything since then, no lover has matched the passion we had, the love we made.

Since I lost you, I have been unable to find the same passion as we had. The love for one another has been untouched. The flame remains dead and cannot be reignited by anyone,

You died too young. However, I know for sure you are in paradise.

Small Poems #7

Poem #1

The death of me

Was the birth of you.


Poem #2

You helped me breath,

But when you left,

I died of no hope.


Poem #3

I lost my sanity

Long ago,

But when I was freed of you,

My mind was finally clear.


Poem #4

The blackbird sang of love,

Calling and listening for a reply,

But white-birds reject the black

For dark feathers hold no value.

Fragility of Love

Fragility of Love

Love is a frail concept,

A concept I gave to you

With everything of my heart,

A heart willing to give love

And even sacrifice my life.

You never said those three words,

Never repeated it after me

And I slowly learned why.

My rose bud did nothing 

To excite you,

But rather the iron needle

You found in that bar.

I left you for another

Like you did to me.

Small Poems #2

Another collection of small poems, since I write more of these than long verse poems. Enjoy!


Poem #1

Stars shine bright

But they have no might.


Poem #2 

The darkness of my life

Conquers my day and night.


Poem #3

Slow and broken I hear

My heartbeat pound. Am

I broken or half a human

For having a broken heartbeat.


Poem #4

Fire burns within every time

I see your eyes, brighter

Than the stars.