Short Poetry #6

Poem #1 In the unknown shadows You walked by my side, Waiting for me to stop and see Your demonic blue eyes.   Poem #2 Free to love; That is a dream That will never Become my reality.   Poem #3 All that was wanted Was a little sugar And your bright smile. Instead, I […]

Short Poetry #5

Poem #1 Your are my light, Coming to the rescue In my darkest night.   Poem #2 Saved from the cliff And the roaring waves, I begin to wonder if The watery grave Was my destiny.   Poem #3 The thorns you possess Gave me infinite pleasure, The pain was the only Thing enjoyable about […]

Short Poetry #4

Poem #1 Depictions of love and romance Surround us all, flooding the senses, Making the empty desire What is unattainable To the different and odd, Those that cannot enjoy The comfort of normal love Because of separate desires.   Poem #2 In the desolate shadows, The lonely sparrow sang, Awaiting a sweet reply, But receiving […]