Another short story that I wrote. I have started writing them, practicing for a full novel that I am working on. Hope y’all enjoy.


I am hiding away from the demons. They always come at night. That’s why I keep all the lights on in the apartment. The more the better.

There are knives underneath my pillow. I need something to protect myself with if they brave the light.

My greatest treasure, my greatest accomplishment, is my padded floor and walls. Should they decide to attack, and one day they will, I have cushion to bounce from and to keep the demons attached. They hate the cotton of the walls. 

I’m going to sleep now. My armor has my arms ready, on my back, with my knives at my fingertips. 

I welcome the demons. I welcome them in their white skin to come at me. I will draw their blood, like they did to me. 


Empty Eyes

The eyes are a gateway to the soul. If the eyes are broken or lifeless, then it is easy to see that the person in possession of the eyes has been severely hurt.

Empty Eyes


I wasn’t always so hollow,

Completely broken down and shallow,

With no light in my eyes.

Some people will let out a sigh

Of pity when I describe

My scenario, they think it’s a crime

To be robbed of life and color,

But my hollow eyes appear to be normal to me.

The Lost Mind

The Lost Mind


I did not welcome you into my home,

You were not invited into the precious dome

That contains the most critical component

Of who I am; don’t think for a moment

That you will rule my mind.

You began your assault from the side

And crept in, destroying the happiness

I possessed, you stole the brightness

That I so dearly treasured in my memories,,

The things that were accessories

For who I was as a person.

Your mission was to worsen

My self-identity and self-worth, my personality.

You destroyed it all and left me with the mentality

And physicality of the dead beneath my feet.

Bipolar, if you were a person, I would beat

You into a literal lump of pulp

And consume your painful existence with a gulp

So no one has to suffer anymore

And so you can be nevermore.






Micro Poetry

A flurry of micro poems for today.



A damaged flower

is an unwanted one.



We are humans,

Not demons

Or angels.



One pill

Equals goodbye.



My mind descends

With each passing day.



Be not the sheep

But the shepherd.



With a broken wing,

The bird looks to the sun,

Knowing it can never fly again.




Dear Child

Mental illness is something serious that millions around the world deal with every year. Sometimes it leads people to commit one of the greatest crimes: killing them self.

Dear Child


Finally, the voices have subsided for

Me to think clearly, even if it is for

A few brief moments. My head is

Clear and my thoughts are free from

Everything that I suffer from.


Do you really think you can get rid of us?


We are you, dear child. We exist inside of you.


I must enjoy these moments,

As many that can be allotted to me

So that I can focus on the good

That exists in this world. Breath

And focus, ignore the voice inside.


So innocent, so naïve, how easy for you

To think you can escape our grasp.


Just like the snake in Eden, we tempt

You to the sins you know and love.

No, you do not control me,

You do not control my actions!

I do not bow to your word;

Your words do not command me

For I am the one with a body.


We do not need a physical body,

For you are the vessel to do our bidding.


Even in death, we will haunt you

And torment you and bring you joy.


No, No, NO, NO, NO!

Please stop all of this, all the voices.

Why can’t I be granted a piece

Of peace; why was I the one chosen

To suffer intangible pain?


End the physical pain, dear child.

You know you wish to join us.


Walk and find the poison which ends

Everything that it enters.

Lift to your mouth and drink.

There is no need to cry, my child.


We will be here for you. Here on

The floor, collapsed and shaking,

Convulsing from fear. Give in to the Reaper.

Feel our cold hands envelope yours,

Our cold warmth will accompany you

To the Gates of Hell.