Random Poetry

This contains a mixture of poem styles.


Poem #1 

Little light shines

In my obsidian cage.


A Simple Desire

I long for something simple;

Two simple things really,

A desire and a touch

I have not felt in years.


Just to find my something simple,

It would be great and fun

To feel that amazing touch

Once again and forever.


Poem #3

Touch me right,

feel my engine purr

And let us sing.


Poem #4

This world full of black

Skies and life

Embodies humanity.


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Small Poems #6

Poem # 1

 The demon says to be peaceful,

The angel says to kill;

Who do I listen to?
Poem #2

Is there something more

Beyond this existance?

Can the end be it,

Or is there more behind 

The Doors of Death?
Poem #3

The fear I feel

Is ever present;

Anxiety slices every nerve,

But it is a pain I love.
Poem #4

I drank to forget you,

But you barely remembered me.

Small Poems #4

Poem #1 

All I see is black.

Am I blind or

Am I seeing the color

Of my dim soul.


Poem #2

The cold of my skin

Was inherited from my frozen kin.


Poem #3

You crossed my path

And I regret never saying



Poem #4

I write to stay sane,

But creativity ain’t my game.


Poem #5

I want to feel good,

Feel whole and complete,

Yet the pill does nothing

But harm me more.

Small Poems #2

Another collection of small poems, since I write more of these than long verse poems. Enjoy!


Poem #1

Stars shine bright

But they have no might.


Poem #2 

The darkness of my life

Conquers my day and night.


Poem #3

Slow and broken I hear

My heartbeat pound. Am

I broken or half a human

For having a broken heartbeat.


Poem #4

Fire burns within every time

I see your eyes, brighter

Than the stars.

Small Poems

This collection will consist of small poems. Enjoy!

Poem #1

A life of love and hope

Is not in my horoscope.

Poem #2

Sad nights of no hope

Are my daily existence.

Day and night, I see no light.
Poem #3

Tales of happiness are

A dream to me.
Poem #4

Fire soars in my heart,

A black and empty soul.

Micro Poetry

A flurry of micro poems for today.



A damaged flower

is an unwanted one.



We are humans,

Not demons

Or angels.



One pill

Equals goodbye.



My mind descends

With each passing day.



Be not the sheep

But the shepherd.



With a broken wing,

The bird looks to the sun,

Knowing it can never fly again.