Lost Riverbank

I walked down the riverbank,

Lost and lonely in the dark,

Waiting for you to return to me

And my open heart 

But you never returned

And one day I fell, waiting

For you. I landed in the water

And breathed deep, letting the 

Water penetrate deep inside.

Always know you were the

Reason why I fell,

Lonely and broken without you. 


Lost Trust

Fiction poem highlighting a common issue.

Lost Trust


I screamed and begged for

You to stop the pounding and pain

Yet you refused to listen

To my frightened voice.


You drugged me and it worked,

But not entirely and so I awoke

And felt the pounding and the pain

Deep in my gut.


When you finished, you collapsed

On top and still inside of my frail

And violated body. You broke my trust,

And lost trust is forever gone.

The Path

Upon reaching a pivotal moment in life, you have to make a life altering decision, a decision that will change who you are for better or for worse.

The Path

I stop at the fork in the road;

One path leads me down the path of honor,

While the other will damn me for my greed.

The path so far has been both,

An easy yet difficult path to travel.

Just before my body drops

Into the crystal water,

I must make a decision about

Who I will be.

Both paths have been beaten and used,

Leaving no clue about how to turn.

What path do I take;

How shall I determine my life?




That Night

I remember that fateful night,

A night of love and sin,

A night I forgot myself

And fell to the lust

Of your arms and eyes.

That night, your skin

Felt so good and exhilarating

On my skin,

Yet it was so wrong

But it felt so right,’


I remember that fateful night,

So good and so right;

I know that if anyone knew,

My life would change in

Crazy ways but your never would.

That night, I was introduced to

The iron needle

But I was unafraid of it

And I let it pierce my skin.


That night, I lost myself

In your arms and eyes,

Into your skin and poison

On that fateful night.





For a Long Time

Just a random poem made to pass the time. Hopefully, y’all enjoy!


For a Long Time


For a long time

I waited in bed for you,

Waiting for you to return

Into my arms.


For a long time,

I wished for more,

That we would be more

Than the rabbits in heat

We always were.


For a long time,

You led me to believe

That we would become more,

But as soon as a fresh mate

Appeared, you left forever.

Small Poems #7

Poem #1

The death of me

Was the birth of you.


Poem #2

You helped me breath,

But when you left,

I died of no hope.


Poem #3

I lost my sanity

Long ago,

But when I was freed of you,

My mind was finally clear.


Poem #4

The blackbird sang of love,

Calling and listening for a reply,

But white-birds reject the black

For dark feathers hold no value.

Fragility of Love

Fragility of Love

Love is a frail concept,

A concept I gave to you

With everything of my heart,

A heart willing to give love

And even sacrifice my life.

You never said those three words,

Never repeated it after me

And I slowly learned why.

My rose bud did nothing 

To excite you,

But rather the iron needle

You found in that bar.

I left you for another

Like you did to me.