Nightly Feast

It was dark and cold that night; Wolves howled at the moon And circled us like prey, Licking their lips with us in sight, Ready to pounce at the word Of the Alpha, the commander. Circling around, the wolves move In rhythm, around the prey And licking their hungry lips, Thirsty for the blood of […]

Deep Within

Deep and powerful the heart beat, Sending shivers across the whole body, Begging to be held and calmed. Without the passion and warmth, Nothing can be tamed And flames rage burn With the strength of hell fire. The body shivers and pounds, Sending fire throughout the body Sending shivers of uncontrollable pain Through the innocent.

Short Poetry #6

Poem #1 In the unknown shadows You walked by my side, Waiting for me to stop and see Your demonic blue eyes.   Poem #2 Free to love; That is a dream That will never Become my reality.   Poem #3 All that was wanted Was a little sugar And your bright smile. Instead, I […]