Healer Wanted

It is hard sitting and waiting,

Waiting for the right person.


Person of interest, visit my soul,

A soul full of pain and trauma,


Trauma inflicted by knives,

Knives full of poison and love.


Love, a word and concept I hate,

Hate with more passion than my soul.


My soul needs healing.

Is healing your skill/


Unwanted trauma and poison,

Poison me or heal me.


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That Night

I remember that fateful night,

A night of love and sin,

A night I forgot myself

And fell to the lust

Of your arms and eyes.

That night, your skin

Felt so good and exhilarating

On my skin,

Yet it was so wrong

But it felt so right,’


I remember that fateful night,

So good and so right;

I know that if anyone knew,

My life would change in

Crazy ways but your never would.

That night, I was introduced to

The iron needle

But I was unafraid of it

And I let it pierce my skin.


That night, I lost myself

In your arms and eyes,

Into your skin and poison

On that fateful night.








My mouth waters at your sight,

My skin awaits your touch.

But it seems that I am a fright,

For you ignore me in such

A way that I can’t help but wonder

What it was you thought of me?

Was it wrong for me to consider

That you and I would become we?

You have been nothing but poison,

Always harming my body and soul

For I have drunk you without reason.

I will no longer be under your control.

I am my own master,

I couldn’t have said bye faster.