Human Angel

If we could stop and look around,

What would you see in front of you?

You would see people,

Different than you,

But human nonetheless.

Some are afraid of home,

Coming to freedom with nothing

Other than what they wear,

Yet people fear the worst

From those most desperate,

For aid, clothes, food,

Things we take for granted.

They are human,

Like you and I.

Help the helpless,

Aid a human like you,

Fear not their helplessness,

Provide a helping hand,

Be an angel to a human in need.

Border Crossing

Sometimes people don’t make it when they attempt to cross the border illegally. The heat alone is enough to kill.


Home is lost.

The land of free,

Help me find solace,

Help me secure my family,

We need a new home.

The desert burns,

Throats itch, skin prickles.

Help protect my family

With a new home.


Election Day


As a collective body who voted in the primaries and chose the nominee indirectly, those who were allowed to vote have quite possibly ruined America, and I congratulate you. I thank you for giving me, an 18 year old Latino-American male, some of the worst choices for president. This is my first time voting, my first ever election, and I am simply appalled. And for that, I also congratulate you.

Now, I know that not everyone supported the criminals who lead the two major parties. That is understood because I myself supported Governor John Kasich and Senator Bernie Sanders, each of the opposing parties. However, enough people supported the clowns, and well, here we are. Today is Election Day. The day where America will be ruined for 4 years. Whoever the president is in 2020 will have to do plenty of repairing. I sincerely hope whoever wins will lose as an incumbent.

Let us look at the facts. Both are criminals. One has not paid federal taxes in nearly 20 years. The other has handed out classified information like candy in electronic messages. One has blood running all over them, has caused so much loss of life. The other has been a racist towards many communities and has been charged with being sexually aggressive and derogatory to an entire sex. One will ruin the job market in America, the other has refused to pay workers. Both of their economic plans will ruin the United States economy, sending us deeper into debt.

I mean, they have good qualities. I would assume. They have picturesque records. With dirt and blood covering most of that record. Is it possible that they know what they are doing? Possibly but also possibly not.

This post is not meant to sway anybody, everyone has their opinions. Sadly, the voices of many went unheard or were overshadowed by the screams of the few clowns. But there is nothing to do now. It is simply a matter of voting or having voted, and waiting for the results later in the evening.

For those who say that voting third-party is a wasted vote; a third-party vote is not a wasted vote. I am voting my conscience and voicing my opinion as to who can lead this country best. However, the two-party makes it virtually impossible for third-parties to have major support. Things must be changed and soon. This ridiculousness will continue to hurt us as time goes on.

I will not reveal my vote to the public. I hold my vote to my knowledge and will reveal it to others in due time, and I will reveal it to whoever asks. However, I will not put it out on display for the simple fact that you don’t always publicly announce who you voted for.

Congratulations once again America! You, the people who voted for the two heads, have done so much. There is no way to repay.

Have a good day America!